D-TONE AMPS D-Style sound
D-TONE AMPS Overdrive Specialist D-Style guitar amp


In the Dumble Style amp demo used original guitars (not reissue): Fender Stratocaster 1962; Fender Telecaster 1966; Gibson ES335 1966 and 1970.
Only dry signal: Guitar -> Amp -> Shure SM57. We added a little reverb in some recordings.

Due to specific band of D-Style amplifier, we recommended buy the D -TONE AMPS cabinet. This guarantees full use of amplifier capabilities.

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme VS D-Tone Overdrive Specialist - CLEAN

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme VS D-Tone Overdrive Specialist - CRUNCH

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme VS D-Tone Overdrive Specialist - DRIVE

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme VS D-Tone Overdrive Specialist - CLEAN/DRIVE

CLEAN Fender Stratocaster from 1962

OVERDRIVE Fender Stratocaster from 1962

CLEAN Fender Telecaster from 1966

OVERDRIVE Fender Telecaster from 1966

CLEAN Gibson ES335 from 1966

OVERDRIVE Gibson ES335 from 1966

Compared sound on 3 different guitars

Kemper Profiler vs. D-TONE AMPS

CLEAN Gibson ES 335 from 1970

OVERDRIVE Gibson ES 335 from 1970

CLEAN Gibson Les Paul Historic 1959

OVERDRIVE Gibson Les Paul Historic 1959

CLEAN Tom Anderson Classic S

OVERDRIVE Tom Anderson Classic S

CLEAN Fender Telecaster 1951 CS

OVERDRIVE Fender Telecaster 1951 CS

CLEAN Fender Telecaster AV '52

OVERDRIVE Fender Telecaster AV '52

D-TONE Overdrive Specialist is a tube guitar head amplifier with two independent CLEAN and OVERDRIVE channels. The layout is based on the famous Dumble Overdrive Special amp no. #102 - used by Robben Ford. The head is available in two power versions: 100W (4x6L6 tubes) and 50W (2x6L6 tubes). Like all Dumble amp, the D-TONE AMPS are 100% hand-wired, soldered point-to-point (p2p) on turret board - exactly as amplifiers were built in the years 1950-1970. This method has a significant impact on sound because each element is connected to the other using a turret pin and not a thin path on a PCB board.

We use the highest quality components in our amplifiers - mainly NOS (New Old Stock) replicas, i.e. elements that were used in the most iconic amplifiers!

D-TONE AMPS Vishay Dale RN65/CCF60 resistors

Vishay Dale® RN65 and CCF60 "military" metal film resistors

D-TONE AMPS Mallory 150s capacitors

Mallory®150s "mustard" polyester film capacitors

D-TONE AMPS F&T electrolytic capacitors

F&T® electrolytic capacitors

Transformers are replicas of the ones used in D-Style, so their parameters match the original ones. These transformers are specifically made for our amplifiers.

Dumble amp style transformers

The CLEAN channel has a crystal clear and dynamic sound, reminiscent of the sounds of the Blackface era amps. The OVERDRIVE channel, due to the specific cascade construction of the preamp has a soft "creamy" distortion with a lot of harmonics like in Dumble Overdrive Special head. Its sound can be compared to a Plexi amplifier with a slightly cut upper band and more distortion. The amplifier has two inputs: NOR and FET, distinguishing it from many classic tube heads. NOR input is a standard input socket with 1M impedance. FET input is supported by a JFET transistor, just like the D-Style head. It has an additional signal boost and is dedicated to electric guitars with a low output signal.

NORMAL and FET inputs



Both channels have a typical EQ, MASTER VOLUME and PRESENCE correction as well as switches: BRIGHT (high-frequency boost), MID (mid-frequency boost) and JAZZ/ROCK (changing sound characteristics in the entire frequency band). On OVERDRIVE channel in VOLUME knob we added push-pull switch with extra BRIGHT frequency boost. This solution gives even better possibilities to adjust the sound between CLEAN/OVERDRIVE channel.




The head has an Effects Loop, two speaker outputs with selectable 4, 8 or 16 Ohm impedance and Half Power reduction via Pentode/Triode switch, making D-TONE amplifiers extremely versatile.

Effects Loop

4, 8, 16 OHM impedance selector

HALF POWER reduction

For demanding users, we install an ZERO LOSS ACTIVE FX LOOP.

zero loss active effects loop Dumble style

This is a simple circuit based on LND150 transistor simulating famous DUMBLEATOR. This layout has an advantage over Dumbleator because we don't introduce an additional tube circuit into the path, thus limiting noise and distortions.

Dumbleator kit

Two independent CLEAN and OVERDRIVE channels, as well as the additional BOOST on each channel, make the D-TONE Overdrive Specialist amplifier extremely versatile. Switching between channels and turning on boost is also done via footswitch, which is extremely useful when playing on a stage.

The Overdrive Specialist head is available in two power supply versions: 230V and 120V.

For the most vintage sound possible, D-TONE amplifiers use the Tube Amp Doctor® tubes. The tubes are hand-selected, with the best-sounding parameters and the most stable work point. Their sound is identical to expensive NOS tubes, such as Mullard® or RFT®!

D-TONE AMPS Tube Amp Doctor tubes

If You need a custom tolex or grill cloth, You can personalize it in D-TONE AMPS

D-TONE AMPS Dumble style amp kit
D-TONE AMPS Dumble Overdrive Special style amp
D-TONE AMPS Dumble style amp price

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