D-TONE AMPS D-Style sound


In the Dumble Style amp demo used original guitars (not reissue): Fender Stratocaster 1962; Fender Telecaster 1966; Gibson ES335 1966 and 1970.
Only dry signal: Guitar -> Amp -> Shure SM57. We added a little reverb in some recordings.

Due to specific band of D-Style amplifier, we recommended buy the D -TONE AMPS cabinet. This guarantees full use of amplifier capabilities.

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme VS D-Tone Overdrive Specialist - CLEAN

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme VS D-Tone Overdrive Specialist - CRUNCH

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme VS D-Tone Overdrive Specialist - DRIVE

Fuchs Overdrive Supreme VS D-Tone Overdrive Specialist - CLEAN/DRIVE

CLEAN Fender Stratocaster from 1962

OVERDRIVE Fender Stratocaster from 1962

CLEAN Fender Telecaster from 1966

OVERDRIVE Fender Telecaster from 1966

CLEAN Gibson ES335 from 1966

OVERDRIVE Gibson ES335 from 1966

Compared sound on 3 different guitars

Kemper Profiler vs. D-TONE AMPS

CLEAN Gibson ES 335 from 1970

OVERDRIVE Gibson ES 335 from 1970

CLEAN Gibson Les Paul Historic 1959

OVERDRIVE Gibson Les Paul Historic 1959

CLEAN Tom Anderson Classic S

OVERDRIVE Tom Anderson Classic S

CLEAN Fender Telecaster 1951 CS

OVERDRIVE Fender Telecaster 1951 CS

CLEAN Fender Telecaster AV '52

OVERDRIVE Fender Telecaster AV '52

This perfectly matched set captures the character of the legendary Dumble Overdrive Special amp sound, created by Alexander "Howard" Dumble. D-TONE AMPS recommend 3 Celestion® speakers, that work best in this type of set: G12-65 Heritage (very wide range band, slightly cut middle band) - best choice for Dumble Style amp / G12 Vintage 30 (clearly added middle band) / G12H-75 Creamback (slightly cut and round top band)WGS speakers are also a good alternative. ET-65 model is substitute G12-65 and ET-90 is a 90W version of the ET-65. We recommend buying the head + cab set, because D-Style amps have a specific bandwidth and "don’t get along" with many cabs...

If You need a custom tolex or grill cloth, You can personalize it in D-TONE AMPS

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