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Dumble amp famous users / players

While we can collect quite a lot of information about Dumble amps, there is a problem with photos of the originals. We have found the most interesting ones and placed them for illustrative purposes, to be in one place. These are photos of the original Dumble amplifiers hand-wired by Alexander "Howard" Dumble, owned by famous guitarists.

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eric clapton dumble amp

*Eric Clapton Dumble Overdrive Special combo - photo from: 


sonny landreth dumble amp

*Sonny Landreth Dumble amp Overdrive Special - photo from:


stephen bruton dumbleamp

*Stephen Bruton and his Dumble Overdrive Special head + 1x12" cabinet- photo from:


larry carlton dumble amp

*Larry Carlton Dumble Overdrive Special heads + 1x12" cabinet - photo from:


robben ford dumble amp

*Robben Ford Dumble amp Overdrive Special - photo by Neil Zlozower / VG Archive from:


kenny wayne shepherd dumble amp

*Kenny Wayne Shepherd Dumble modified Fender Pro Reverb, Bassman and Band Master - photo from:

facebook.com / kennywayneshepherd

david lindley dumble amp

*David Lindley Dumble amp Overdrive Special heads - photo from:


john mayer dumble amp

*John Mayer Dumble Steel String Singer guitar amp - photo from:


lowell george dumble amp

*Lowell George Dumble amp Overdrive Special - photo from:


carlos santana dumble amp

*Carlos Santana Dumble amp Overdrive Special heads - photo from:


stevie ray vaughan dumble amp

*Stevie Ray Vaughan "SRV" Dumble amp Steel String Singer and Dumbleland - photo from:


joe bonamassa dumble amp

*Joe Bonamassa Dumble amp Overdrive Special - photo from:


keith urban dumble amp

*Keith Urban Dumble amp Overdrive Special - photo from:


ben harper dumble amp

*Ben Harper Dumble amp Overdrive Special combo - photo from:


Interesting video about Dumble amps 

We included on D-TONE AMPS website some videos, that we think are very helpful in evaluating genuine sound of the Dumble Overdrive Special amp.

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*D-TONE AMPS doesn't own of photos - we only shares them and not copy. Original source is under each photo.