D-TONE AMPS D-Style sound


Dumble amp have a specific sound frequency band and should be matched with the appropriate cabinet. From D-TONE AMPS experience, we know that standard cabinets don't sound right with Dumble Style amps. That's why D-TONE AMPS created 1x12" Overdrive Specialist based on the legendary design of Dumble amp cabinet. Specific dimensions of the cabinet and size of the back opening guarantee transmission of the amplifier's tone. After much testing, D-TONE AMPS has selected 3 Celestion® speakers that work best in this type of cabinet: G12-65 Heritage (best speaker for D-Style sound) / G12 Vintage 30 / G12H-75 Creamback. WGS speakers are also a good alternative. ET-65 model is substitute G12-65 and ET-90 is a 90W version of the ET-65. 

If You need a custom tolex or grill cloth, You can personalize it in D-TONE AMPS

D-TONE AMPS 1x12" - Dumble cabinet style sound
Celestion speakers Vintage 30 Dumble style amps

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